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While driving on California freeways, you usually find yourself sharing the road with massive 18-wheelers and semi trucks. Driving past those behemoths can be nerve-wracking, which is completely understandable.

Very few people come out of a truck accident completely unscathed or un-maimed. That is why truck drivers have a duty of care to ensure they keep other drivers safe on the road.

Our car accident lawyers Sacramento have been representing and wining cases for victims for years and can help you too. Whether your vehicle was sideswiped, run over, or completely destroyed, we will fight to ensure justice is served. This includes ensuring you have the finances to pay for injuries and damaged property – but not from your pocket!


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    Top Reasons for Truck Accidents In California

    Since semi trucks and 18-wheelers are extremely large, accidents involving them should be rare. Truck drivers have to be more careful than other drivers on the road. The vehicles weighs 30 times more than a car and a collision is naturally going to end up being devastating. The driver of the car can end up being either maimed or killed. There is rarely an in-between. Our Sacramento truck accident lawyer at Cutter Law Firm will be able to help you to get out of these situations.

    In California, trucks are subject to special laws and regulations that they have to adhere to at all costs. These are designed specifically to protect the public and reduce risk of accidents. All trucks also have to be inspected and maintained on a regular basis and drivers have to get special licenses made and abide by hourly driving limitations

    Unfortunately, despite these rules, trucks are often involved in tragic accidents. Some of the main reasons for this include the following:

    In our experience Sacramento truck accident lawyer handling hundreds of truck accident cases, the leading cause among these is negligent maintenance and driver fatigue. While there are laws that limit work hours, many trucking companies force their drivers to work longer hours to meet strict delivery deadlines. The consequences are usually tragic.

    If you are the victim of such an accident, you need one of the best truck accident attorneys in Sacramento in your corner. Trucking companies have strong legal teams and insurance companies who will do almost anything to reduce a claim. Cutter Law never backs down and our lawyer will fight back harder to protect your best interests.

    Compensation Truck Accident Victims Can Receive

    The worth of a truck accident claim is unique for each client we work with. However, the type of damages you can receive almost remain the same across cases. This includes both economic and non-economic damages as well as punitive damages. A successful settlement can reimburse you for a range of losses as per the facts surrounding the case. Our Sacramento truck accident lawyer at Cutter Law Firm will be able to help you to get out of these situations.

    We can let you know the approximate value of your case from the first consultation with our Sacramento truck accident lawyer. Some of the damages we take into consideration to figure out the sum include the following:

    • Pain and suffering.

    • Medical bills.

    • Lost wages.

    • Punitive damages.

    • Life changing disabilities.

    • Past and future losses.

    • Out of pocket expenditures.

    Severe and catastrophic accident cases can get higher compensation compared to minor ones. In our experience as Sacramento truck accident lawyer, the judge and jury awards more for debilitating injuries and wrongful death. If the defendant (the truck driver or the trucking company) are found to be grossly negligent in their duties, you may receive more than what we calculate initially.

    We Leave No Stone Unturned To Get You The Max Compensation For Your Truck Accident Case!

    Investigating a truck accident is far from a simple task, but it is a task our lawyers have tackled hundreds of times. As such, we know exactly what to look for that can prove your innocence and the defendant’s liability. . Sacramento truck accident lawyer at Cutter Law, our investigations include the following:

    Eye witness statements – Accounts from eye witnesses are game changers when it comes to corroborating negligence claims. A witness can let us know how the driver was driving, whether he/she was inebriated or if they noticed anything unusual about the truck.

    Video footage from truck cameras –Truck cameras are installed either facing the road, the driver or both. The footage helps us figure out whether the driver was lucid, distracted or negligent. In either of those cases, we can ensure you get compensated for your pain, suffering and other losse. Hire a Sacramento truck accident attorney from Cutter Law, and Get Closure Today!

    Electronic logging devices –All truck drivers have to keep track of their logging hours using electronic logging devices (ELDs). By evaluating these, we can determine if the driver was working extended hours thus risking fatigue. Tired drivers have no business being behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler in the first place and trucking companies know that. We can hold them liable on your behalf.

    Records from the trucking company –All trucking companies in California are required to maintain accurate logs regarding their hiring and supervision of truck drivers. This includes keeping records of drug tests. If they are found to be negligent in this regard, a thorough look at those records will provide ample proof of negligence. Hire a Sacramento truck accident attorney from Cutter Law, and Get Closure Today!

    Accidents involving trucks almost always ends in tragedy or turn the victim’s life upside down. If you or someone you know has been involved in one, dial 916-250-1597. We will give you a free consultation and create a plan to ensure you get the max compensation possible for your suffering.

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