How to Find a Personal Injury Attorney in Sacramento

Use these tips to identify the right personal injury attorney, Sacramento, for your case

Being involved in an accident that leaves you seriously injured is a terrifying experience. While there is nothing that can undo what’s happened or truly restore you to who you were before the accident occurred, filing a personal injury claim can be an essential step in recovering monetary damages for your harm. Before you initiate the personal injury claims process, though, you need to find the right personal injury attorney. Sacramento is full of good attorneys, here are some tips for finding the right personal injury attorney, Sacramento, for your case

1. Know What You’re Looking for

When you’ve been injured in Sacramento or the surrounding areas and are looking for an attorney, you don’t want just any attorney; you want a personal injury attorney who focuses on the practice area that’s relevant to your case. For example, if you’ve been injured at work, you want to hire an attorney who has experience with both workers’ compensation claims and third-party liability claims. Or, if you’ve been in a car accident, you want a car accident lawyer, not an attorney who primarily focuses on dog bite cases. And of course, you wouldn’t want to hire a lawyer who doesn’t focus on personal injury claims at all, such as a divorce or criminal law attorney!

The good news is that most personal injury lawyers are versatile and have worked on a wide range of personal injury claim types over the years. That being said, someone who has more experience in the focus area that’s relevant to your claim will likely be more effective, if not simply more practiced.

2. Ask Around

Once you know what type of lawyer you’re looking for, you can start your search. One effective way to find a lawyer can be word-of-mouth -- do you have any friends, family members, or even colleagues who have worked with a personal injury attorney in Sacramento in the past and had a good experience? If so, they may be able to refer you. Working with an attorney who’s a direct referral can be a comfort -- not only do you know that the attorney has a good reputation amongst their clients, but you’ll also have an understanding of things like the attorney’s style, fee structure, and process before you even meet with them.

Of course, chances are high that you don’t know anyone who’s worked with a personal injury lawyer in recent memory. If this is the case, don’t fret, just move on to the next step.


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    3. Use Lawyer Review Sites

    Lawyer review sites like Avvo and Super Lawyers are a great resource when you’re searching for a lawyer. Not only can you search for personal injury attorneys, Sacramento, but you can also review a lawyer’s ratings. Reading other clients’ and attorneys’ reviews of an attorney can help to inform your decision and provide you with insight into the attorney’s abilities. If you have already found an attorney that you want to work with, looking them up with a review site or with the California State Bar Association is strongly recommended before hiring.

    4. Prioritize Someone Near You

    At this point, you probably have a list of quite a few potential names -- attorneys that focus on personal injury law, specifically on the practice area that’s relevant to your case, and that have a good reputation and are in good standing with the State Bar Association. That’s great! Before you go onto the next step in the process of finding the right personal injury attorney in Sacramento for you, you should think about distance.

    Location is a really important factor when choosing an attorney because you and your attorney will be working together a lot over the next few months (or longer). Meeting in person may be very important, and your attorney may travel to your location or you may travel to theirs. In either case, a long commute can add stress to an already emotional process. Finding someone who is located nearby may save time and energy as you and your attorney really dive into the work of your case.

    5. Schedule Free Consultations and Ask the Right Questions

    Finally, before you hire a personal injury attorney in Sacramento, you should schedule a free consultation. All good personal injury attorneys will offer a free consultation -- if an attorney isn’t offering this, you don’t want to work with them. During the free consultation, you should ask a series of questions to determine whether or not the attorney is a good fit for your personal injury case. Some of the top questions to ask include:

    • What types of cases do they handle on a daily basis? Again, it’s important that you choose a personal injury attorney, Sacramento, who has experience working on cases that are similar to yours.

    • Do they have the resources to prioritize your case? Some law firms simply don’t have the finances or staff resources to take on more cases. You want reassurance that the attorney will have both and can prioritize your case.

    • What are their credentials and legal affiliations, awards, or recognitions? Of course, you want to hire an attorney who is board-certified. Any legal affiliations, awards, or recognitions can provide clues about their effectiveness as a legal professional, too.

    • What is their case track record? Ask the attorney how many cases like yours they’ve handled, whether or not they have trial experience, and what the average case outcome is.

    • What will be your role as a client throughout the process? It’s important to understand what role you, as a client, will play. This can help you to prepare for the case.

    • How do they charge? Never choose a personal injury attorney, Sacramento, who doesn’t work on a contingency fee basis. If an attorney is charging hourly or asks for a retainer fee, do not hire them.

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