How to Find a Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Sacramento

Being hit by a car is a devastating and shocking experience. If you’re lucky, you may walk away without life-threatening or permanently disabling injuries; most pedestrians who are involved in motor vehicle collisions aren’t so lucky.

Dealing with the range of losses that you’ve suffered can be overwhelming, especially when you start to consider the claims process. To help you recover the settlement that you deserve, it is strongly recommended to work with a skilled pedestrian accident attorney. Rather than becoming overwhelmed with the process of finding the right attorney, here are some tips to help you find someone quickly who is best suited for your legal needs.

Conduct an Online Search

The easiest way to start looking for an attorney is simply to conduct an online search. You can use terms like “attorney near me,” “pedestrian accident attorney in Sacramento,” or “Sacramento pedestrian accident attorney near me” to help you narrow it down. You’ll likely get a bunch of results right off of the bat. You can save these names for the next step in the process--discussed more below--for finding the right attorney for you.

Ask Family and Friends for Recommendations

Another way to find attorneys who may be well-suited for your case is to ask family members or friends who have hired personal injury attorneys in the past for recommendations. One of the benefits of asking family members and friends for recommendations is that you will likely be able to trust the recommendations, as they are being made by trusted sources. One thing to be aware of, though, is that just because someone is recommended by a trusted source does not mean that they are the right attorney for your case, even if they are a great lawyer.

Ask Colleagues and Associates for Recommendations

If no friends or family members have any recommendations or have any experience working with a personal injury attorney, then you may consider asking others in your community for recommendations if you feel comfortable doing so. Asking for recommendations about working with an attorney is very personal, so sticking to internet searches may feel more comfortable.


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    Focus on Attorneys Near You in Sacramento

    As a note, as you are searching for attorneys in Sacramento, it is often wise to focus on attorneys near you. If you have been seriously injured, traveling to an attorney’s office can be burdensome--something that will only be exacerbated by long commute times. While the Sacramento pedestrian accident attorneys at the office of Cutter Law, P.C. are able to travel to your location, this may not be true for all law firms.

    What to Look for in a Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Sacramento

    By this point in the process, you surely have a working list of attorneys in Sacramento who are near you. Now, how do you narrow down that list? What should you be looking for in a good pedestrian accident lawyer in Sacramento?

    • Experience working on cases like yours. One of the most important considerations is whether the attorney has experience working on cases like yours. While most personal injury attorneys are able to handle an array of personal injury case types, you probably don’t want an attorney who focuses primarily on dog bite cases taking on your pedestrian accident case, for example. Try to find an attorney who not only has worked on pedestrian accident claims, but has worked on cases that are similar to yours (i.e. involving a drunk driver, a crosswalk accident, etc.).
    • Trial experience. While it’s true that most personal injury cases are resolved out of court, sometimes, cases do go to trial. If your case goes to trial, you’ll want an attorney who has litigation experience on your side. Ask any attorney you’re interviewing whether or not they have litigated a jury trial before and, if so, what their results were.
    • Great reputation and reviews. Before you hire an attorney, be sure to read client testimonials and reviews. Good attorneys have usually received awards and recognitions from organizations such as Avvo, Super Lawyers, Martindale-Hubbell, etc. An attorney with a good reputation is a strong sign that they will be able to very competently manage your case.
    • In good standing. Before you proceed any further, it’s always worth a quick glance at the California State Bar Association’s website to make sure that any attorney you’re considering is in good standing. Do not hire an attorney who is not in good standing.
    • Contingency fee basis. Finally, if all of the above checks out and you think that you’ve found the perfect attorney, the last thing to consider is whether or not the attorney works on a contingency fee basis. A contingency fee basis means that the attorney will not get paid unless you do; if you recover a settlement, then the attorney will be entitled to a portion of your settlement. If you don’t recover a settlement, then you won’t owe the attorney a penny. Personal injury attorneys who charge hourly or retainer fees should be avoided.

    When you schedule a free consultation with a pedestrian accident lawyer, you’ll have the opportunity to ask the attorney questions about their background, how they approach a case, who will be working on your case, what your role will be, etc. Don’t be shy about asking any questions you have!

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    If you have been involved in a pedestrian accident in Sacramento, you may be feeling devastated and hopeless about your future. While things may feel very dark and futile, there are steps that you can take to recover compensation for the value of your economic losses and pain and suffering.

    At the office of Cutter Law, P.C., our Sacramento pedestrian accident lawyers have years of combined legal experience, a reputation for excellence, and a track record of success. We work hard to make sure that you feel like a priority throughout the entire case process, and that your case gets the attention it deserves. We always work on a contingency fee basis and offer free case consultations.

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